Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Faceoff - Red Horn Uppercut

Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Faceoff - Red Horn Uppercut
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Hasbro BB-40A & 105

Suitable age:8 +
Product description

Beyblade Metal Fusion battle Faceoff Red Horn Uppercut 2-pack Asst are ideal for starters as it comes with two of everything for ready to battle. Beyblade Metal Fusion customisable 5-piece battle tops are based on the Beyblade Metal Fusion TV show aired on UK/USA right now. Each Metal Fusion Beyblade pack includes a cast metal wheel and comes with launcher, ripcord and assembly tool. Also included in the pack is a code to battle online. What is special about this pack is you get a lot for the price you pay.

What’s included in the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle faceoff  Asst ?

  • Face bolt, Energy ring Bull, Fusion wheel Dark, Spin track H145 and Performance tip SD pieces
  • Face bolt, Energy ring Leone, Fusion wheel Storm, Spin track 100 and performance tip HF
  • Also comes with two ripcords,  two launchers  and two assembly tools

Why not select any of the Metal Fusion Beyblade’s five pieces and use the assembly tool to get the max out of it. Use the Spin track if you are battling on a low-profile track or include the performance tip if you need an aggressive spin. After all the choice is yours, you decide how you want to play. Genuine Hasbro UK product.