Glo Drumstix

Glo Drumstix
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Electro Glo Drumstix

Dimensions:Approx 42 cm long
Batteries:3 X LR44 (supplied)
Suitable age:6 +
Product description

Drummers do not have to hide in the dark corner anymore. Glo Drumstix is all you need, if you really want to show off. Glo Drumstix are suitable for amateurs and professionals. Every time when you tap the Glo Drumstix they emit a brilliant glow of Blue light. The ight fades on and off very quickly to be ready for the next tap, thanks to the highly sensitive built in sensor inside the Glo Drumstix.

  •  No switches, controls or wires to get in the way - the light fades on and off every time you tap the stick.
  • Brilliant glow in low light situations.
  • Glo Drumstix is available in UV Blue only.
  • Professional grade stick constructed from Lexan plastic for optical clarity and superior durability.
  • Standard "rock size" sticks. 
  • Screw cap at the bottom to replace batteries.
  • LR-44 batteries included.