Tamagotchi Connexions - Ver 4

Tamagotchi Connexions - Ver 4
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Tamagotchi connexion Version 4

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Batteries:1 X CR2032(supplied)
Suitable age:6 +
Product description

Tamagotchi connexion is now even better; the new Tamagotchi version 4 or the Tamagotchi Jinsei as it is called is here now. Tamagotchi connexion version 4, still has all the features of Tamagotchi Connexions ver 3 including taking care of your pet, connection through the IR function and online interaction. But now with Tamagotchi connexion version 4 you can live the Tamagotchi life! Tamagotchis do not just grow up, make friends and have babies; they grow up to have fun careers,  if they are raised right. How your Tamagotchi turns out depends on how you look after it. Kids can influence their Tamagtochis schooling and career.  Each choice leads to a new variety of opportunities. Special messages, fortunes and life time events provide unexpected twists.

What is special about Tamagotchi Connexion ver 4 

  •  New characters (54 in total)
  •  20 games (15 of them new)
  •  New secret codes
  •  New items and more chances to shop
  •  New messaging system
  •  New and additional pixeled animation
  •  More on line interaction than before!
  • They can also connect via infra red function with friends who own a Tamagotchi Connexion V2,Tamagotchi Connexion V3 or V4.

Tamagotchi charms, lanyard & pouches are available to buy here. 


Tamagotchi Connexions - Ver 4