Kubrick Star wars series 7 - pack of 6

Kubrick Star wars series 7 - pack of 6
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Kubrick series 7

Dimensions:Approx 7 cm tall
Suitable age:15 +
Product description

This is the complete set of Star Wars series 7 Kubricks. There are 6 figures to collect in this series and we have made it easy for you by selecting all 6 figures and put together as one complete package. The 6 figures included in this pack are Emperors guard, Scout Trooper, Leia Boushh disguise, lando calrissian as Skiff guard, Gamorrean Guard and Spirit of Anakin Skywalker.  Box has been opened to verify the contents of the item (brand new and sealed in a wrapper)

Genuine Star wars Kubrick series 7 by Medicom Toy Japan.

Please note, this is not a toy and not suitable for small children due to small parts.