Bedlam Cube - Retro

Bedlam Cube - Retro
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Bedlam puzzle - Retro

Dimensions:10 X 10 X 10 cm
Suitable age:6 +
Product description

As featured on Dragons Den BBC2, Retro Bedlam cube puzzle has 13 ingeniously shaped pieces to form a cube, and once removed, they just have to be fitted back. In fact there are 19,186 different solutions. So should not be too difficult, right? Wrong! In fact it is very difficult indeed. The inventors claim it could take months, even years if attempted at random. Only planning, familiarity and patience will help.


  • Every time it is attempted it is different and becomes addictive
  • Playing the Bedlam cube is educational and improves spatial awareness & hand eye co-ordination.
  • The Bedlam Cube is a British Invention
  • Unlike other Puzzle Cubes it has NO additional needless packaging
  • The Bedlam Cube consists of 13 unique geometric shapes
  • The Bedlam Cube is a personal challenge
  • The Bedlam Cube gives us all a chance to compete on an equal level
    Should you complete the Bedlam Cube you can apply for a Golden Certificate
  • If you find a new way to complete the cube - you can apply to get a GOLDEN CUBE