Ocean Fantasy

Ocean Fantasy
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Ocean Fantasy

Dimensions:Approx 18 X 25 X 11 cm
Batteries:3 X C (required)
Suitable age:14 +
Product description

If there is ever such a thing as nature and technology in perfect harmony, then ocean fantasy will be almost top of the list. If you are fond of nature, ocean and dolphins, then ocean fantasy will bring the ocean life and the sound of ocean alive inside your home (well almost). Ocean fantasy will relax your body and mind and melt away all your troubles of the day and will take you one step closer to the nature.

 What is Ocean fantasy ?

A dolphin made of clear plastic is attached to a base unit and is made of of 18 different flexible sections. Ocean fantasy designers have managed to perfect the elegance of a dolphin swimming in the ocean in moon light by adding the ambiance light, the sound of the waves and also the realistic swimming movement of the dolphin. The dolphin moves from side to side with an added sound of the waves and moves from top to bottom . This realistic movement is achieved by the clever use of the 18 flexible joints. There are 4 different action modes and 3 different sound mods available. Please click the play video button to see them in action.

Action mode:

  • LED lights up and the dolphin moves.
  • LED is On and dolphin stops moving.
  • LED is switched off and the the dolphin still moves.
  • Switched off.

Sound mode:

  • Normal Volume
  • Low Volume
  •  Stop

 It normally stops after 30 minutes to save the battery. But the timer can be changed to work up to 2 hours.