Magno-Man series 2 - 3 pack tin

Magno-Man series 2 - 3 pack tin
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Hair-EE Magno-Man tin

Dimensions:Tin size 9 X 9 X 3 cm
Suitable age:6 +
Product description

Magno-Man are the coolest collectable rope figures with magnets for their hands and feet and a very large face with some serious graphics and multi coloured spiky hair is the very latest craze to come out of Australia. What you can do with them is almost entirely up to you. You can pose them, stick them together to make a chain or rope, hang them and you can also play the Magno-Man game by checking out the rule book which comes with the Magno-Man tin.

What is in the tin ?

All the Magno-Man tins are blind boxed. So there is no way of telling what colours you might get. You will always get the same colour inside the box even though the styles may very.

If you are buying more than one Magno-Man tin then we will make sure that we do not send you  the same colour twice.

You will also find a Magno-Man game rule book inside.

There are almost 144 different Magno-Man combinations to collect. If you are lucky you might even get the groovy rare Pink Punk and Purple Emperor and ultra rare Black and White Rainbow Warriors. These  figures are very hard to come by and will only get one in 12 tins or one in 60 tins. They also score very high points in the Magno-Man game.

Not suitable for small children due to small parts.

Magno-Man series 2 - 3 pack tin
Magno-Man series 2 - 3 pack tin