S.I.C Chogokin Kikaider - Vol 1

S.I.C Chogokin Kikaider - Vol 1
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Kikaider 00 - Vol 1

Dimensions:Approx 18 cm tall
Suitable age:15 +
Product description
This Super imaginative Chogokin series from Bandai Japan is one of the most highly detailed action figure and almost impossible to get it any where at the moment. This pre-painted posable action figure is made of Die cast metal, ABS and PVC material. Kikaider figure comes with movable parts and also a display base with name plate to display it.


It also comes with a lot of weapons and accessories including a very detailed miniature guitar, two weapons and an inter changeable hand. Genuine licensed product by Bandai Japan.

Please note this is an adult collectable and not a toy. Not suitable for small children due to small parts.

S.I.C Chogokin Kikaider - Vol 1