Alien vs Predator Snap Kit - Elder Predator

Alien vs Predator Snap Kit - Elder Predator
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Series 2 - Elder Predator

Dimensions:Approx 10 cm tall
Suitable age:15 +
Product description
Here is the 2nd series of the snap kit series figures with key chain from the "Alien vs Predator" movies by Hot Toys HK. This second series of 8 figures will astonish you by their incredible realism and quality. Hard plastic figures with 15 points of ball joint articulation and made from ABS plastic. Figure is highly detailed and pre-painted and requires assembly.


In this 2nd series of Alien VS predator snap kit, there are 8 figures to collect. They are Elder Predator, Transforming Predator, Scar Predator, predator (birth of hybrid Chestbuster), Grid Alien Warrior Alien, Alien Egg (Closed)  and Alien Egg (Opening). Please note your box will come opened so we can send you the correct figure requested.

Please note they do not come with the parts for the chase figure Alien Queen. This is not a toy and not recommended for children under 15.