Tokotoko Penguin - Pink

Tokotoko Penguin - Pink
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Penguin - Pink

Dimensions:Approx 7 c.m tall
Batteries:2 X LR 44 (Supplied)
Suitable age:9 +
Product description
Last year it was the Hakoton & this year we have Tokotoko Penguin. They are similar to Hakoton but also come with the walking action. Tap out a beat and Tokotokopenguin will turn towards the sound and sing and dance along. When you clap your hands or make a sound to call the Penguin, it will come to you. They have 4 feeling modes and they are Happy, unhappy, pretending ignorance, impertinent. Each feeling mode makes a different sound. There is also a demo mode and in this mode he will sing a song, and walk around. Genuine Tokotoko penguin by Megahouse Japan.